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About Anastasia

Anastasia studied the Peruvian shamanic tradition “Munay- ki”, which is coming from the Q’ero, a community in the Andean mountains, which is originate from the Incas. She went through all the initiations,” the medicine wheel” which are required to fully step into her calling as a healer or a priestess.

With great power and the support of the line from the Incas, she created her own medicine. Using old traditions with her own magic, she can see things that are unseen and travel into the time where the wounds took place, where it all started.

Doing that it is possible first to acknowledge, why things are happening the way they do, and as well solve them for the highest good.

She is healing with pure love und light, “munay” how the Q’ero would say, what basically means – “unconditional love”

She is using the old tools which were used 1000’s of years by shamans to heal and to bring the world back to “Ayni” (Balance). She learned from Annette Lachmann and Michael Hemme, who themselves had teachings by Dr. Alberto Villoldo in Peru.

Inspiring books from Dr. Alberto Villoldo:

  • One spirit medicine
  • The four insights: Wisdom, Power and grace of the earthkeepers
  • Mending the past & healing the future with soul retrieval

 Anastasia has the ability to bring you in “Ainy” with your soul path again, away from suffering back to the truth, to the light and to the love in yourself.

Transform yourself to make the best out of this life.


About Anastasia