Do you know yourself?   Who is sitting on the throne of your life? Well, let me tell you if it’s not you – someone/ something else is. When you chose, do you choose out of the inner knowing? Joy? Inner desire? Or do you let your fear decide? Decide for the safe path? Not taking risks, in order not to lose what gives you safety? Well let me tell you if the safe choice doesn’t fulfill you, brings you joy, and makes you happy for the long term – is it worth it? After all, someone else was deciding for you – your fear. And when you let it decide for too long you will realize slowly – it’s not your life anymore – rather are you actually living? Fear is never a good consultant- believe me! Did it ever bring you to a place you truly wanted? Or…

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light healing

Often I am asked: “What are you doing? How are you healing? Just with energy?” Well first things thirst! It is really important to know how our system is working. We have the actual body, which is the immediate matter. Then there is the emotional body, which is the psyche and then there is an energetic body, which is going even deeper. All the 3 bodies are interconnected. So when there is a stomach pain for example, the reason can be in the psyche, and if we want to solve the stomach pain for real it is important to go to the real reasons and so we need to look at the emotional part. Maybe something inside of you got hurt? This factor is called psychosomatic. To solve the problems on the actual body, we have the doctors. To solve the problems, that are emotional manner we have psychologists and…

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Do you have the feeling something of you is missing? Do you feel you need someone else, for example a partner, to complete you? Maybe you feel a piece of your heart is missing or stayed back in that time, where you were happy? Well maybe it did. After trauma a fragment of your soul stays back in the time where it happened. This is how we see it in the shamanic tradition. A Shaman can travel to the point and time of that injury and reintegrate the soulpart with you once again, in the HERE and NOW. After taking out the pain and healing the old wounds, the soulpart will feel safe to come back to you and bring back a part of you that you were missing. Maybe you had the lightness and playfulness, that you liked about yourself, but now it`s gone and so the trust. After…

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