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A big transformation in my life

Being healed by Anastasia was the beginning of a big transformation in my life, she performs her healing sessions with deep love and by the end you can feel the good energy flowing through the entire body. A special moment for me was to receive power bands and feel the sacred space for the first time. I can say that healing gave me the strength to take a big step in my life. It's a loving magic experience I can say! I have to say the healing is very professional. I feel also like Anastasia made me feel very comfortable to be able to open and to trust. If the healing changed my life? Of course. I guess it changed in a good way and planted a seed for the new stuff, some new level of awareness. Thank you for that. I see already difference, some more questions, some more wondering in myself. For the special moment, of course, when the child, the small me, he was coming to me, sometimes I also dream of it and in some ceremonies I see it again. So, it’s something that is going on and on, even after the healing.
Gabriele - Review
Gabriele Cavallini

Safety and power

Anastasia’s healing was very nice and comfortable, I felt very safe having her around and she helped me guiding me into the "right" path or direction I need to go and made me feel this present moment where we are. She cleaned my chakras especially those where work needs to be done and went very deep to the roots of the problems and explained all the details in a way I could easily understand and things in my head made more sense for me. I could ask her all the questions I had and she was very open to it and worked with her full attention to me in a very respectful, loving way without any expectations. She is a very honest, humble and transparent person, we shared our experience with spirituality and she felt like a friend of mine the moment she opened the door, even though we didn't know each other. After the session I felt more clean in my head because it was kind like a mess. I felt the safety and power slowly drawn inside of me which Anastasia showed me up. And I had the feeling or knowledge that everything is OK right now and it's all how it’s supposed to be, like having trust to the universe. Yes I do have a special moment, when she gave me a stone / crystal which one I can do a mantra for every day with a sentence we create in which I need to work or better remind myself because it's already inside of me / us, the connection we all have. It was a very nice symbol for me that she gave it to me. The healing helped me to find anything I need inside of me and that I can always ask for help if I need to and no matter what, that I'm always safe and that breathing is a very important part of the human experience. Thank you Anastasia, you are a beautiful gift!
Bella - Review
Bella Bubbajunga

A loving magic experience

Anastasia's healing sessions were for me an initiation to a new life. My first session was the most magical moment I ever experienced. Healing can truly help in many ways, more than I could ever imagine, and in each session, besides dealing with my issues I get to learn and figure something about myself. A special moment for me was to receive power bands and to feel the sacred space for the first time, it wasn’t the only one because every session was special to me, but I think the first one brought me what I needed to believe more in magic and to put together feelings and things in my mind that together made more sense and was also the start to a search for more in my life. I can say that healing helped me to find my strength to take a big step in my life, there is much more still to figure, to learn, and to feel. It's a loving magic experience I can say and I was amazed by Anastasia since the first day I met her! Anastasia is a beautiful human being and her magic is inspiring and contagious. Much love back to you always!
Andreia D'Alessandro