Shamanic Healing

“You are always a decision away from a totally different life”

Shamanic Healing

A shaman is a priest or priestess who has the ability to wander between natural and the supernatural world, to bring cure and balance into this world.

The power which was given, comes directly from the source, also known as God, or universe, it has 1000’s ancient names and everybody has their own definition for it.

Apart of that a shaman is working with the loving energy of mother earth, in quechua language called “pacha mama” as well as other spirits who surround us and who are here to help us to grow.

People nowadays lost the contact to the nature, to the truth inside of it. Often, they are looking for answers where they cannot find them. A shaman is here to guide, and to help the people to see and truly feel the light in themselves, so the answers appear naturally. He gives tools to wander in this world protected and safe, knowing how to see trough illusions.

Further then that he brings healing to the old wounds, traumas, dramas of the past, which are holding us back from moving forward, from ourselves and from the happiness and joy that is waiting for us.

Here is the overview of the prices:

Chakra cleansing  EUR 40

Distance healing – first session EUR 75

Distance healing  EUR 99

Distance healing – package 3 sessions EUR 250

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When do you need a shaman?

Symptoms in general: When you are out of balance



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